The Autumnal Equinox for 2012
posted b on Wednesday, 15 Aug 2012

The Autumnal Equinox for 2012 is coming soon, during the months of September and October customers are likely to experience outages of their satellite signals due to the sun moving in behind Satellites in space. These outages occur twice per year around the Spring and Autumn equinoxes as the earth tilts and the seasons change. At these times, customers will generally completely lose picture and sound for up to 15 minutes. The exact dish size will control the actual length of the outage, larger dishes will have the shortest interruption. We can predict when these outages will take place. Satellites located in the Eastern Hemisphere (IS-8 & IS-18 )are affected during the morning, satellites in the North (C1/D3 & D2 are affected in the middle of the day and Western Hemisphere ( Asiasat 3,4,5) are affected in the afternoon. If you need any further assistance with these outages please contact out technical team.