SatKing DVBS2-800CA Software Update.
posted b on Wednesday, 15 Mar 2017

We have released a new software update for the SatKing DVBS2-800CA, the software update was automatically installed to your VAST receiver in the last week of Feb 2016. If you enter settings-information-loader status you can check the software version, it should now be DVBS2-800CA V126. If your version is still DVBS2-800CA V125 or lower you missed the upgrade and are still running the old version software. You need to select "OTA" upgrade manually in the Settings-Information menu. The software update is easy to update and on takes around 3 minutes to install automatically over the air. The new software has some new updated functions to improve the customer experience, we have increased the updating speed of the EPG, EPG schedules are now stored when power drops out, Aspect key is now a hot key, TV/Radio can now be selected from the menu buttons on the front of the receiver if your remote is lost, added text to the radio screen saver telling you how to exit, page 3 from the signal finding menu has been removed so you jump directly to the detailed signal detection page. Enjoy the upgraded features.