RTP Internacional Portuguese TV Changes
posted b on Monday, 01 Aug 2016

On the 1st of August 2016 RTP Internacional started broadcasting in MPEG4 on Asiasat 5. RTP has changed their signal to HD and we expect the old MPEG2 signal to stop in the near future. The RTP service is now running in MPEG4 on Asiasat 5 on the below parameters:

Freq: 3700GHz

Symbol Rate: 30000

Polarity: V

FEC: 3/4

You or your customers may be trying to use existing MPEG2 receivers for RTP Internacional but these will no longer work for this service. You need to purchase a new MPEG4 Receiver. Receivers like the Magix DVBS2-100 or the Star DVBS2-780FTA, the later has an RF modulator.