Bernie & Heather continue their trip up north, this time by a river 30Km south west of Charters Towers
posted b on Tuesday, 30 May 2017

At present we are back in Townsville after a short 2 week trip out to the bush. We camped beside a river, about 50Km South West of Charters Towers, happily enjoying the solitude and successfully being able to watch all the TV channels with our ProMax.

We then got a warning notice from our daughter, Emmah, in Townsville warning about a deluge of rain coming, we had to move reluctantly.

Ha! it won’t worry us I said and stopped another day, but a near washout from our track concerned me being about 300mm deep. Packing up in pouring rain and mud everywhere, was not fun, and it didn’t stop for 24 hours after we arrived back in Townsville and parked safe. 250mm dropped in 1 day. So much for sunny Far North Queensland.